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American billing care Provides!

Guarantee peace of mind with us at your side for all your revenue cycle management responsibilities.

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    American billing care serves Billing companies, Individual practices, Group practice, Small to mid-sized practices, Hospital based outpatient/ inpatient services, ASC, SNF, Home Health & DME Companies. American billing care prime focus is to ensure services within the intricate regulations and compliance surrounding the healthcare services reimbursement process , work strategically to identify nuisances that could delay or reduce reimbursement.

    Guarantee peace of mind with us at your side for all your revenue cycle management responsibilities.

    What Services American billing care Provides!

    Medical Billing Services

    As your medical billing service, we do everything in our professional capacity, from coding to billing to reviewing claims for clearing houses to everything that turns things around in terms of first-time claim acceptance. You won’t have to miss any payment anymore.

    MIPS Reporting Services

    We ensure a high-performance score with incentives in MIPS by compiling and submitting your specialty-specific data to CMS as per the reporting requirements. Your dedicated consultant will keep you posted about the performance graph to avoid a penalty at all costs.

    Revenue Cycle Management

    We take care of collections and revenue cycle management disparities, ensuring payment posting and careful execution of the steps involved in medical billing. Our automated practice management solution makes it easy for every clinician to manage their finances without trouble.

    Providers Credentialing

    Providers’ credentialing services are part of our portfolio, where we verify your credentials for payers networks. It changes your status to in-network providers and helps you gain benefits and referrals from payers. You have more chances to earn by getting verification from experts.

    Medical Billing Audit

    We assist in streamlining your in-house billers and coders as we know you might not have enough resources to go about the process as professionals. But with a little guidance about under-coding and coding updates, you can compile more sought-after claims.

    Accounts Receivable Management

    Your medical practice cannot survive if you have lots of accounts receivable on the table. Our professional team, on your behalf, will timely follow up on submitted claims, do denial management, resubmit them, and keep a check on AR to keep track of the revenue cycle.

    Our Service

    Our esteemed team of doctors and pharmacists as certified coders focus not only on coding process, however works towards documentation needs of the service provided on case to case basis.

    Eligibility Verification & Prior Authorization

    Eligibility team understand that patient are generally not aware of their cost sharing or does not know the difference between premiums, out of pocket.

    Account Receivables & Denial Management

    We know that growing AR & denials are the real concern for any of our clients & with our dedicated team had experience in AR collections and denial management.

    Charge Entry

    This is a vital process as this determines the reimbursements of provider services. Our team is trained in entering error-free information to enable smooth claims processing.

    Payment Posting

    Accurate payment posting avoids patient’s receiving unwanted bills and also ensures secondary insurance billing. This helps in getting a clear picture on outstanding insurance and patient balance.

    Medical Coding & Billing Services

    0ur experienced & certified coders who works on case to case basis and educate providers and their staff on importance of being specific on diagnoses.

    Patient Calling

    With accurate payment posting, our patient calling team reaches out to patient informing them about their outstanding dues and help them to choose payment plan approved by our clients.

    Medical Billing Process


    Our services can be used for all types of Medical Billing Specialties, including, but not limited to:



    Outsource Medical Billing So You Can Prioritize Patients

    Outsource Healthcare Medical billing & Coding defines the whole process of claims submissions, clearinghouse strategy, and generating income for providers. No matter the size of your medical practice, our experienced resources handle the administrative load on your behalf to expedite the process of collections.

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